About two years ago I found out that I have Gluten Intolerance. I would have immense stomach ache and cramps. So for months I was eating only Rice, Khichdi.

Wheafree discovery - One day while searching Amazon for Gluten-free products, I came across Wheafree Products. I was amazed to see wide range of products in reasonable price range.

So I decided to try with Gluten-free rice pasta, and result was amazing. Pasta has nice texture and taste. Also it absorbs pasta sauce very well.

As of now, I am working with Wheafree maida replacer. I have tried Gluten free Naan, Empanadas and Crackers using maida. Result is very good, crunchy and tasty.

Looking forward to trying more products from Wheafree.

I have posted Many Wheafree recipes on my Food Blog on Instagram.
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- Vinita Tarde
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