Jeeva Anna George - User Story

I first found about Wheafree 11 years ago. I associate Wheafree with safety and trust. I know their products are safe for Celiacs like me and I don't have to spend days just trying to find out if it is something I can use. The fact that we have Wheafree in India is such a boon for the Celiac community. Whether it is baking powder or ready to heat parathas, Wheafree is my go to. It has been a part of my baking journey. The good thing with Wheafree is that they are open to feedback. They work on customer feedback and come back with better products, which in my book is a great way to grow.

So happy to see Wheafree going international. Congratulations & all my best wishes to Team Wheafree.

- Jeeva Anna George

Co-Author - A Gluten Free Life, My Celiac Story.
Gluten free & allergen free recipe developer and baker based out of Bangalore, India.
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