I am a home baker selling gluten-free treats using only the best of the ingredients and I use a combination of Wheafree flours to bake my treats. I have been using Wheafree products for almost 6 months now and I absolutely love them. I chanced upon Wheafree when I was looking for a gluten-free bread mix on Amazon. I had never made gluten-free bread that easily before.

As a consumer, I am spoilt for choice browsing through this website for certified gluten-free flours, pre-mixes and ready to eat foods.

My husband is allergic to gluten, so I am very cautious while choosing a gluten-free product for baking and cooking . Wheafree's range of certified gluten-free flours is easy to work with to make rotis, cookies and cakes for him and I honestly don't miss gluten while having them as well.

- Harini Challapally
Home Baker
Instagram: startedwithacookie