During the initial phase of adjustment being gluten free was tough. And at first there was not much availability of gluten free food around my place.

But with time and research I found out about few brands and one of the brand is WHEAFREE. This brand is actually my saviour since a long time. I love this brand because of many different reasons one of which is it's availability. It's available almost everywhere and now you can buy products online too. Isn't that great!

My all time favorite products are jam biscuits, choco-chip biscuits and also noodles. Funny thing is that I've tried almost all their products and strangely I liked it all.

Being a huge fan myself they contacted me through my page @gluten_free_india and we collaborated many times.

It's a really good brand with quality products so kudos to that and also to being gluten free in India.

- Arushi Patel
Teacher & Food Enthusiast
Instagram: gluten_free_india