Wheafree Gluten Free Products

Our Story


In 1999 from crazy and unheard idea of filling soda in PET Bottles, seeing it as an opportunity, Yupp soda became the leader in its category in North India, even leaving behind top MNC’s. Buoyant with the success, sparkling drinks and popular drinks were added to the kitty under the brand name of Beverly Hills and Fun drinks.

From opportunity to need based innovation, prompted by necessity to make Gluten Free Food for their daughter, in year 2008, Wheafree took birth from the cradle of an urgent requirement. Journey that started from one product to more than 100 products, from import substitution to exporting to developed countries, from just a brand to the most trusted brand in a decade, Cheers Food to Chierz Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. has an incredible story of hard work, perseverance, dedication and resilience of Harinder Lamba & Deepika. But this is not the end of the story, it has just Begun...



Our Vision, Mission & CSR


At Wheafree, we provide nourishing alternatives for our customers' basic requirements to fancy food cravings, assisting to cater their health and flavour simultaneously. Our team works dedicatedly with an aim to procure perfection in view of customer satisfaction. Wheafree touches all the spheres of paramount importance. Enhancement of people’s lifestyle being our prime focus, we don't forget to give it back to nature from where we got it all, by bringing into effect sustainable practices. We also lay great emphasis on gender balance in terms of job opportunity, by making strong women even more empowered.

Wheafree - Vision


Enriching families and enhancing lifestyles with choicest gluten-free food products across the globe.

Wheafree - Mission Statement


To wow the world with tastier and healthier ingredients bringing innovation and creativity in developing refreshing gluten-free products which build memories together.

Wheafree - CSR


To spread awareness about the goodness of gluten-free diet, helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle and enhance the quality of life.

Our Core Values


A sturdy foundation is the paramount stipulation for any structure to stand strong. Our core skills serve this very foundation to build the trust of our customers. The entire process, from thinking to the creation of a new product is greatly influenced by good standards and patrons' requirements. Having customers at the top of our priority list, we intend to cater them with the most nutritious food which will aid them for their good health.


Our R&D department keeps developing new products to keep up our levels of production, while maintaining quality standards and persistently work to create authentic, healthy and tasty gourmet food products.


The quality of our products is our source of pride. We invest our time, money and resources necessary to ensure that we provide our customers with high quality products.


We do what is right. We are honest, ethical, fair and transparent in our words and actions. It is the price of entry to our team.


We put our members and the customer satisfaction first and continuously seek to understand and identify their needs.


Wheafree targets at building its customers' faith by providing services which are an amalgamation of equitable inputs at our end and quality outputs at your doorstep.