Gluten Free Idli


    • 1 cup of Wheafree Dosa/ Idli Mix
    • 1 ½ cups of Water (adjust according to requirement)
    • ¼ cup Curd
    • 1 Eno Fruit Salt sachet or A pinch of Baking Soda (optional)
    • ½ tsp Black Pepper (optional)
    • 1 tsp Salt (according to taste)
    • ¼ tsp Mustard Seeds (optional)
    • 1 tsp Oil


    To Prepare the Batter:


    - Take Wheafree Idli Mix in a mixing bowl.
    - Add curd and ½ cup water and mix well.
    - Add more water as per requirement to make a batter of pouring consistency but not too runny.
    - Now add salt and pepper to it and mix evenly.
    - Add mustard seeds (which are previously fried in oil) to the batter for flavour.
    - Mix everything well and keep the batter aside for about 15-20 minutes.
    - Now add 1 Eno fruit salt sachet or a pinch of baking soda to the batter to make it fluffy and mix with light hands in one direction.
    - Now pour the batter over a greased idli mould.

    To Steam It:


    - Electric Steam Idli Maker: 12-15min.
    - Pressure Cooker- 10 minutes
    - When using a pressure cooker, remove the whistle from the lid and cover the cooker tightly with its lid or cover it with a plate.
    - Preheated Microwave- 3-5 minutes
    - Take out the mould and let it stand for 2 minutes and then unmold.
    - Serve it with Coconut/ Groundnut chutney and with Sambar.

    - Recipe By: Wheafree Kitchen