Gluten Free Barfi using Kuttu Atta (Buckwheat Flour) | Navratras Special Recipe


    • 2 cups Wheafree Kuttu Atta (Buckwheat)
    • 1 cup Ghee
    • ¼ cup Cashew Nuts (finely chopped)
    • 1 cup Sugar
    • 1 cup Water
    • 1 tbsp Sesame Seeds (for garnishing)


    Boiling the Pasta:


    1. Heat the ghee in kadhai/wok.
    2. Once the oil is hot, Add Wheafree Kuttu Atta.
    3. Roast the flour on medium-high heat with continuous stirring. Roast for 10-12 minutes till the flour becomes aromatic.
    4. Switch off the flame and keep it aside.
    5. Heat Sugar and Water in a pan.
    6. Boil till the syrup becomes thick and one string sugar syrup is formed.
    7. Now stir the Kuttu flour and pour the sugar syrup over it.
    8. Mix properly.
    9. Add Cashew nuts and mix properly.
    10. Pour this mixture in a mould lined with butter paper.
    11. Level it, and sprinkle sesame seeds over the mixture.
    12. Allow it to cool.
    13. When the mixture has set, cut medium sized squares of the mixture with the help of a knife.
    14. Kuttu barfi is ready. Serve it fresh.

    - Recipe By: Wheafree Kitchen