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Muesli – 400g


  • 100% NATURAL AND HEALTHY GLUTEN FREE INGREDIENTS: Wheafree Muesli is a pure and wholesome blend of quality gluten free ingredients. Wheafree products are certified with ISO-22000 and FSSAI licensed. This makes our Muesli suitable especially for those who are Celiac/gluten intolerant and also for those who simply love to eat gluten free.
  • HIGH IN PROTEIN & DIETARY FIBRE: Wheafree Muesli is high in dietary fibre and protein due to the presence of super millets like Quinoa, Sorghum, Pearl Millets, Amaranth and Rice. The high fibre lowers the cholesterol and glucose levels which helps in improving the digestive system, lowers the risk of high blood pressure, cardiac diseases and gives you the required nutrients to stay active. Wheafree Muesli keeps you full for longer, prevents unwanted cravings and help you stay an optimal weight/
  • NO TRANS FAT & ADDED SUGAR: Wheafree Muesli has no trans fat and added sugar and thus there is no saturated sugar content in it. The sweetness comes from the natural ingredients like dates and raisins.
  • KEEPS YOU ENERGETIC: Wheafree Muesli contains the nutritional ingredients that make it a great food to have to jump start your day and feel energized whole day long.
  • HIGH IN PROTEIN, VITAMINS, MINERALS AND MICRONUTRIENTS: Wheafree Muesli is loaded with Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Micronutrients as it contains Quinoa, Sorghum, Amaranth and Pearl Millets. It is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids. Proteins supply the body with energy and the Vitamins, Minerals and Micronutrients aids in cell regeneration.
  • LOW FAT: Being low in saturated fat, Wheafree Muesli do not pose any risk of heart diseases. The rice in it is rich in manganese and phosphorus, which help to synthesize your body fats and control obesity. Consume Wheafree Muesli prevents you from binging into other fattening foods because they keep you full for a longer period. This makes Wheafree Muesli a healthy option to include in your lifestyle.
  • SHELF LIFE: 6 Months from the date of manufacturing.
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Wheafree Muesli is a wholesome blend of quality gluten-free ingredients like Rice Poha, Jowar Poha, Bajra Puffs, Quinoa Puffs & Amaranth Puffs; Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds; Almonds, Cranberries, Dates, Raisins & Blueberries. This makes our muesli a great way to jump start your day and feel energized whole day long. You can consume it as a breakfast cereal with milk or yoghourt, or have it as a snack any time of the day as a quick munch.

Make your breakfast quick and healthy
makhana - Cheese flavor
Muesli - Gluten free
Muesli- Lactose free
Muesli- No Added Sugar
Muesli- No Trans Fat
Muesli- Goodness Of Grain

Wheafree muesli is a breakfast cereal that nourishes and energises you in the mornings thanks to the goodness of grains like rice, jowar, quinoa, bajra, and amarnanth, which are high in protein and fibre. With your family, take pleasure in the healthy mornings.

Muesli- Berries, Nuts and Seeds

With 34% of the ingredients in Wheafree Muesli are seeds, nuts, and berries, make our muesli high in antioxidants, vitamin C, fibre, and other vitamins and minerals.

Muesli- 100% Natural

Our Muesli does not contain any artificial colours, flavours, antioxidants, or preservatives. Since no additional sugar was used, the sweetness is also natural.

Muesli- Other Products

Rice Poha, Jowar Poha, Dates, Bajra Puffs, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Quinoa Puffs, Almonds, Cranberries, Amaranth Puffs, Raisins, Blueberries

Nutritional Information

Protein: 10.69g, Total Fat: 12.86g, Sat.Fat: 1.41g, Trans Fat: 0g, Monounsat.Fat: 6.17g, Polyunsat.Fat: 3.22g, Carbohydrate: 65.51g, Total Sugar: 14.25g, Added Sugar : 0g, Dietary Fibre :6.54g, Energy: 420.51Kcal

Shelf Life

6 Months from the date of manufacturing



  1. M Girdhar

    The best thing I have ever eaten without guilt!
    There so much goodness in this 1 pack! When I ordered, I expected it to be quite run off the mill but, to my surprise, it is tasty, crunchy, full of seeds, nuts, and superfoods.

    I never thought I’d be hooked to something so healthy, and can be eaten absolutely guiltfree. I have tried quite a few of Wheafree’s products before and all of them have been excellent.

    The packaging is thoughtful, compact, and beautiful.

    They have outdone themselves and it’s appreciated by both, the glutenfree community and people who can eat everything.

    Thank you for such an amazing product. It has surpassed EVERY similar product in the market!

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