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Gluten Free Bikaneri Bhujia (400g) & Namkeen Mixture (400g) Combo Pack


  • 100% NATURAL AND GLUTEN FREE: Wheafree Namkeen is a pure and wholesome blend of gluten free ingredients. Our Namkeen is certified with ISO-22000 and is FSSAI licensed. This makes Wheafree Namkeen suitable especially for those who are Celiac/gluten intolerant and also for those who simply love to eat gluten free.
  • TASTY AND CRUNCHY SNACK: Wheafree Namkeen is an authentic and deeply satisfying snack. Our namkeens go really well with tea, coffee and can be served to kids too. Wheafree Namkeen is your perfect snack partner for you and can be munched on at any time of the day.
  • Storage Instructions: Store in cool, dry and hygienic place to protect from insects, pest and strong odours.
  • Shelf Life: Best before 6 months from the date of mfg.
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Wheafree Gluten Free Bikaneri Bhujia (400g) and Namkeen Mixture (400g) Combo Pack
Wheafree Namkeen is the ultimate comfort gluten free snack. To enhance the taste of your food, you can also add our Namkeen on the top of your salads, chaats and bhel and add the crispy and crunchy element to your dish. Our namkeen range has Namkeen Mixture, Bikaneri Bhujia, Masala Chana Dal, Boondi and Namkeen Titbits. Made with premium quality ingredients, Wheafree Snacks are your perfect snack partner. Share it with your loved ones and guests on your normal days or on special occasions.

The Real Snacking Choice - Gluten Free Savoury Snacks

Wheafree is one of the most trusted gluten free brands worldwide. Our products are manufactured in a 100% dedicated gluten free premises and we follow one of the most stringent testing protocols in India.

Gluten Free, Vegan, Lactose Free, Non GMO
Namkeen Bikaneri Bhujia Savory Savoury Snacks

Authentic Indian Flavour
With our Namkeen Mixture and Bikaneri Bhujia you can experience the unique flavour of Indian spices. These are your any time go to snack.

Namkeen Savory Savoury Snacks

Crispy & Crunchy
Our Namkeen Mixture and Bikaneri Bhujia are an ideal snack as they are crunchy & crispy in texture and have a flavourful savoury taste. This make it the best complimentary snacks with a piping hot tea or coffee.

Gluten Free Ingredients

Wholesome High Quality Ingredients
We source our ingredients from premium vendors who supply us with high quality raw material (grains, millets, legumes etc.)

Wheafree Range of Gluten Free Products
Weight 0.86 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 14 cm

Bikaneri Bhujia: Gram Pulse Flour, Moth Beans Flour, Refined Cottonseed Oil, Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Black Pepper, Cumin Powder, Cloves, Mango Powder, Nutmeg, Ginger Paste, Spices, Condiments, Humectant (E1520), Antioxidants (E320, E319, E330, E322)

Namkeen Mixture: (Proprietary Food) Peanuts, Bengal Split Grams, Chickpeas, Rice Flakes, Rice Puff, Refined Cotton Seed Oil, Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Garlic Paste, Sugar, Curry leaves, Cumin Power, Spices and Condiments, Antioxidant (E320,E319,E330,E322)

Nutritional Information

Bikaneri Bhujia: Proteins: 13.19g, Total Fats: 19.73g, Saturated Fat: 8.09g, Mono Unsaturated Fat: 10.26g, Poly Unsaturated Fat: 1.38g, Carbohydrates: 30.57g, Dietary Fibre: 9.85g, Energy: 352.62Kcal, Sodium: 1.08g

Namkeen Mixture: Protein: 20 g, Total Fats: 30 g, Sat Fat: 8.4 g, Trans Fat: 0.1 g, Mono Unsat Fat: 6.6 g, Poly Unsat Fat: 15 g, Carbohydrates: 40 g, Energy: 510 Kcal, Sugars: 1 g, Sodium: 510mg

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