Quality is not an adjective but a common noun in our factory as quality is ingrained in the ethos of every worker as well as staff. Trained on GHP/GMP of workers with hours of training by the Quality department, to keep a check on gluten in the products is an important step and can not be ignored especially when we are making products for Celiac Patients (to keep gluten less than 20 parts per million(20 mg per one kg is a challenge). From day one when Wheafree was conceived, the Quality Control lab was fully equipped with Elisa Plate Reader imported from the USA to check the gluten in additives, raw material and finished goods.

A Survey of all testing kits was done and finally R Biopharm Gluten testing kits from Germany, the best in sensitivity and which are used worldwide with consistent results were sourced. These imported kits are a little expensive but are reliable and trustworthy for results. The next thing undertaken by management was to train the qualified food technologists/ Microbiologists at NIFTEM to carry out the gluten testing by using the kits on Elisa machine. Every month four of our products are picked up and tested by our QC people and the results are verified and published on our website. Testing procedures and protocols are very exhaustive and done with complete care so that authentic results are published. We send samples outside to NABL accredited lab to validate our results.

We are the only company in India who believes strongly in maintaining quality and publishing results of Gluten Testing on public domain. Most of the gluten free manufacturers in India haven’t installed such sophisticated machinery and have trained and qualified manpower to handle such tests. Recently as goodwill gesture, Wheafree started testing one popular product selected by our consumers and results are published in our monthly newsletter. We have tested Kissan Sauce, Tops Mixed Fruit Jam and in the month of July, we tested Bikano Canned rasgullas. For result check our previous web newsletters editions.

Wheafree became the most trusted brand because it emphasises on quality at all front including protocols followed while buying grains, millets, legumes, other raw material, additives, seasonings and won the trust and confidence due to rigorous testing of gluten at their laboratory by qualified team.

About the author:

H.P.S.Lamba (Founder, Managing Director) - Chierz Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

HPS Lamba is the founder and Managing Director of two famous Gluten Free Brands – Wheafree and Everhealth. Apart of holding various positions at industrial associations, he is Industry Expert at Incubation Committee and Board of Studies at Thapar University.