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Question: Does Multifold TTG result in the range of 160 is enough for diagnosis of Celiac Disease as it reduces to 30 on Gluten Free Diet after 18 months?

Answer : Not enough for diagnosis. Gold standard of diagnosis is duodenal biopsy showing changes of villous atrophy. In children if TTG is more than 10 times the upper limit then you may avoid biopsy by performing other tests like antiendomysial antibodies plus HLA DQ 2/8


Question: I was diagnosed with celiac about three years ago, due to symptoms of diarrhoea and since then I am on gluten free diet and my TTG level comes down to 22 from 159, but still today I am facing morning diarrhoea one or two times, and my weight is not increasing, but blood level has increased, Why?

Answer: There are many other causes of diarrhoea persisting despite being on gluten free diet:

  1. Inadvertent intake of gluten which you are not aware
  2. Micros scopic colitis
  3. Secondary bacterial overgrowth
  4. Pancreatic exocrine dysfunction


Question: My daughter aged 17 years has been diagnosed with celiac disease in July 2021. Is there any medicine which can be given to her if she is accidentally glutened?

Answer: There is no specific treatment but only symptomatic treatment can be given.


Question: How many chances of celiac in new born baby if you are celiac?

Answer: First-degree relatives (parent, sibling, child) of someone with celiac disease have a 1 in 10 chance of developing celiac disease.


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